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In Summer 2019, the end client began a new CRM implementation
based on Salesforce and Vlocity technologies with a long term
objective to migrate away from the legacy Siebel CRM estate.
Phase A delivery was approved and development started in
August 2019 with Programme increment 1. To date, the
programme has delivered basic functionality and features using
the SAFe agile methodology in partnership with Accenture.
Programme Increment 2 began at the end of October partnering
again with Accenture to deliver next stage features and
integrations up to the beginning of February. The programme is
targeting completion of development in Summer 2020 over two
final programme increments and is targeting launch to the market
as soon as possible after trial sign off. The programme underpins
a number of business transformation objectives within the end
client, including adoption of scaled agile delivery methods and
insourcing/upskilling key resources for the future, and has strong
exec focus.
Phase A will deliver the foundations for Phase B to support the
German and Austrian Residential businesses (Pay TV for Satellite
and Cable subscription customers ) and deliver business
transformation through a strong focus on customer engagement
via digital sales and service journeys. Phase B is due to start
delivery in Q3 2020. Beyond this, it is intended that the new CRM
platform will also serve Italy and support growth into other
European territories.

Phase A will deliver an end to end online customer journey for
"OTT" Pay-lite / pay as you go the end client (customer with digital
only service and support.) The new CRM platform will support
prospects and customers through the entire customer lifecycle
including Marketing (campaigns, marcomms & transcomms),
Sales, Customer Engagement/Service, Retention and Cancellation
processes. Major assumptions: supports the end client OTT
proposition (pricing & packaging), online-only sales, service and
marketing capabilities, no commercial partner integration, no
product shipping, launch to new customers only (technical data
migration tbc for some customer segments post-launch)
Phase A of this project (OTT) is currently targeting launch in
Summer 2020 based on business needs. The programme has just
completed the first delivery increment and is currently starting
increment 2. Phase B, focused on residential customers, is yet to
be fully planned however development will commence as soon as
all Phase A development increments are complete. This RFP
covers Phase A delivery only; the final contract award will cover
Programme delivery increments 3 & 4 at minimum.

skills requirements: SAFe, #Scrum, #Salesforce, Vlocity, REST,
task description: Salesforce/Vlocity development tasks for end
client New CMS
skills requirements: Scrum, Salesforce, Vlocity, Testrail, REST,
task description: Testing Salesforce/Vlocity tasks for end client
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