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Sales- in selling software solutions

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Are you familiar with the ins and outs of a software development company? Do you want to disrupt entire industries through every new project you help bring in? Do you genuinely enjoy connecting with people and seize every opportunity to pitch your ideas? Does the thought of closing a deal give you an adrenaline rush?

Then you`re exactly what we`re looking for. You`re the growth factor in a company that keeps on growing.
We are big on personality and values. So, apply if you are:

An explorer at heart - you`re not afraid of uncharted territory
Resilient – you don`t get put off by rejection
Very organized – you remember names, faces, birthdays and follow through with appointments
People-savvy in a techie way - you understand at a deep level what drives people and what makes them click with technologies
Naturally curious - you were the kid who always asked “why?”

For this job, experience matters. So, apply if you have:

2 years experience in selling software solutions or software outsourcing services
A proven track record of generating quality prospects
A good understanding of how a software development company works, including a software product`s life cycle
Top-notch business presentation skills
This is what you are going to do:

Ice breaker:

Scan job boards (e.g. Upwork) for leads and submit engaging project proposals
Identify through various means (online research, events, business clubs) promising leads and the most important decision-makers
Set out a contact strategy for prospecting potential clients via phone, email, social media
Set out a nurturing strategy for building long-term partnerships with decision-makers and key players in the field

Deal maker:

Contact leads to pitch the company`s services and run discovery calls
Set up sales appointments, present compelling business propositions and manage contract negotiation
Discuss business needs and desired features directly with the client and then relay everything back to the PM
Help translate discussed needs and features into general business specs for a ballpark estimate
Provide support to qualified prospects and clients, including follow-ups, project estimates, additional information regarding UPDIVISION services and workflow

Why you should work at UPDIVISION:

Fixed salary + competitive sales commission - it will always match your level of involvement
You get the freedom and power to change and improve things, so you know your work matters
We have created a fun and flexible working environment, complete with really cool people and we aim to keep it that way
Flexible working schedule - no questions asked, as long as you do your thing