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Brasov, Romania. Html/Css, Sass (nu este obligatoriu), Jquery, javascript, front-end.

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Brasov, Romania. Html/Css, Sass (nu este obligatoriu), Jquery, javascript, front-end.

Cautam pentru o firma excelenta din Brasov un front-end developer care sa ajute la implementarea de noi functionalitati, customizari si mentenanta a unui proiect dedicat industriei imobiliare de lux din SUA. Persoana va lucra cu colegi cu multa experienta si va avea de facut multe implementari noi.
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Firma este "people oriented" chiar pe bune, cu multe beneficii, program flexibil si multe oportunitati de invatare nu doar din sarcinile zilnice, ci si din numarul extins de traininguri puse la dispozitie.

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#employment #jobs #jobsearch #recruitment #hiring #careers #job #work #career #resume #business #hr #jobhunt

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Junior Recruitment and HR Partner

#Bucharest #Recruitment #HR
#Bucharest, 2019-01-22

Got a head full of ideas?

We are currently seeking Junior #Recruitment and #HR Partner, focused on the entire recruitment life-cycle from start to finish for technical and non-technical job openings.

You will also have the opportunity to explore a variety of HR projects, starting with creating great on-boarding and integration experience for new employees, employee engagement actions and developed feedback aimed at improving company retention.
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If you think chatting with people and finding their job fit would be the best past time activity;

If you feel that recruitment is the process that turns strangers into friends;

If you enjoy being on the other side of the desk;

If you are able to find where talent and drive reside (and note down the address);

If you are able to walk the extra mile in someone else’s shoes;

If you are great at stalking people, but with only peaceful intentions;

If you are good at showing people around and sharing your wisdom;

If your organizing and prioritizing skills are borderline OCD (but can leave some room for the element of chaos);

If your time management skills are better than Doctor Who’s;

If you are a great listener;

If your mind is filled with new ideas and you enjoy putting them on paper;

If you like getting involved in all that’s new;
No more ifs ands or buts.

Come to the HR side; we have cookies… and chocolate…
What we need:

Passion, enthusiasm and a great desire to learn are absolutely mandatory;
Experience in recruitment (the more the better) is good to have;
Bachelor’s degree in Psychology & Sociology are preferable;
Fantastic grasp of the English language;
Team player (working well within a team, capable of interacting and understanding other employees);
Excellent communication skills (written, telephonic and live);
Diplomatic and kind;
Not easily scared by a high work volume;
Creativity and good writing skills;
Good presentation skills;
Knowledge of Romanian Labor Law – nice to have;
Open minded and flexible.
So, if you feel you are up for the challenge, here’s what you need to do:

Draft up a job description for a made-up vacancy at an imaginary company and send it to Feel free to create anything: from a superhero Job Description, to a sales manager one, to a geeky and awesome IT job. Sky’s the limit!

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