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Application Architect for the European Commission

Bruxel, Toată țara, RO

The mission of the directorate DIGIT.B is to deliver digital business solutions for the European Commission and its stakeholders as well as for public administrations and citizens in the Member States in cooperation with other Commission services. These digital business solutions focus on improving the Commission’s efficiency using IT business solutions as an enabler and cost-saver.

The unit DIGIT.B.2 is responsible for delivering digital business solutions for legislation, policy and human resources.

DIGIT.B.2 manages the complete development lifecycle of the information systems, including feasibility, study, business requirements, business process modelling, analysis, development, testing and deployment. Accompanying measures like training, support and the design of promotion campaigns are also managed by the unit.
DIGIT.B.2 works primarily, but not exclusively, with intra-muros consultants that are integrated in the project teams located in the Commission premises in Brussels. These project teams are supported by the DIGIT architecture office and by the Unit's quality team responsible for testing, deployment and project reporting.

Within the unit DIGIT.B.2 the activities of the sector DIGIT.B.2.004 focus on the development and maintenance of information systems in the specific area of document management and crisis management systems.
One of the business solutions provided by DIGIT.B.2.004 is the ARGUS product suite.

ARGUS is a suite of tools in the area of crisis management and rapid alert systems and consists of the following core information systems:
• ARGUS is the information and communication tool supporting the European Commission's high-level coordination process in case of major multi-sectorial crises. It provides a single platform for exchanging information across Commission's services in order to support a coherent response to crisis.

• NOAH is the corporate tool supporting the business continuity process of the European Commission. It provides on one hand a central repository for storing various business continuity artefacts (documents, definitions of roles and responsibilities, definitions of business critical functions and staff etc.) and on the other hand support

for coordinated actions between decision makers during business interruptions. NOAH also acts as a communication tool with the staff during business interruptions, offering notification capabilities via different communication channels (e-mail, SMS, computer network).
• PERMANENCE is the European Commission's tool for the on-duty schedule of high- ranked officials during permanence periods.

Apart from these three core applications, the following supporting tools are part of the suite:
• AMA is the central management console for user access rights to the core applications.
• SMS Gateway is a technical component for interconnection with the backbone of the telecom provider for sending SMS messages.

Technically #ARGUS is a suite of web based applications built on a JEE/Oracle stack. They are organized in three-tier architecture with separation between the storage, business and presentation layers.
The ARGUS suite is in evolving maintenance. A series of projects are currently run on the ARGUS tools in order to extend their functionalities to fulfil the evolving needs of the business.

See the description of the profile in the DIGIT-TM service requirements.

For the ARGUS product suite we are looking for an experienced and motivated Java/JEE developer capable to develop software solutions to respond to the business needs. The candidate will be part of an agile software development team and will perform task specific to software development like:

• Design and development of Java/JEE applications
• Deployments of software
• Production of technical documentation
• Participation in the daily scrum meetings with the team
• Participation in breaking down, estimating and planning of the work
• Reporting the progress on the development activities to the project manager

The candidate must have proven work experience in designing and developing #Java/JEE multi-tier web applications.

Mandatory skills:

• In depth knowledge of the Java programming language (#Java 8 desirable)

• In depth knowledge of Java EE technologies and frameworks with special focus on: Web services (JAX-WS) and REST (JAX-RS), Java messaging services (JMS), JPA and Hibernate, Spring framework and Spring MVC

• Good knowledge of web technologies:# HTML5, #JavaScript, #CSS, #jQuery, #Ajax, #XML, #JSON. Knowledge of #Angular2 and Ext-JS is a plus
• Good knowledge of #Oracle Weblogic application server
• Good knowledge of Oracle relational databases and #SQL
• Work experience with agile software development methodologies
• Knowledge of the following production tools: Atlassian #Jira, SVN, Bamboo, Maven.
• Good communication skills and ability to participate in multi-lingual meetings
• Good command in English and good redaction skills
• Capability of working in an international/multicultural environment
• Proactive attitude, communicative (i.e. good listener) and customer-oriented
• Minimum 4 years of specific experience in developing multi-tier web applications in #Java EE.

The consulting work will take place at the Commission premises in Brussels.
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