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Senior Tester

IT Software
Apeldoorn, Toată țara, NL
fulltime, remote


11-05-2020 until 30-06-2020

Apeldoorn (remote for now)

36 hours a week

Assignment description

We are looking for an experienced senior tester, in the role of assisting foreman, who helps to improve the test strategy and test approach in the Agile team. We are looking for a person who is firmly in his shoes and who takes the initiative to set up and design test automation, who can assess and develop test strategies, identify risks and take care of the content and structure of test documentation. You are a critical sparring partner in test case design, pushing our developers to a higher level of quality awareness. A driving force that can give the team a quality boost. The SR tester will be in contact with the interfaces and coordinate and perform the system and integration test. We work with the #Test Manager BRG to support the User Acceptance Tests. We are looking for a team player with more than sufficient knowledge and experience of setting up, setting up and executing tests and automated testing in an Agile / SCRUM environment. Experience with the implementation of test automation approach and tools is a must. The team works with the Robot Framework. He / she is able to quickly build up knowledge, but above all also to share it. The senior tester is expected to include fellow testers on the team in a more professional approach to testing. but above all to share. The senior tester is expected to include fellow testers on the team in a more professional approach to testing. but above all to share. The senior tester is expected to include fellow testers on the team in a more professional approach to testing.
Background assignment

BRG (Management Account Agreement Data) manages agreements that citizens and companies have made about the use of their bank account numbers. The BRG Administration contains account agreements, mandate agreements, third party agreements and blockages on payments to persons and bank accounts. BRG consists of two parts: a Cobol application and some Java applications. However, it has been found that BRG cannot support new legislation and is therefore not future-proof. That is why we are working on designing a new foundation that must be finalized through prototyping in the not too distant future.
Organizational context and culture

The IV organization is responsible for and provides the ICT facilities. Most of the applications are currently being developed, maintained and managed by the IV organization in its own data center.

In addition to ensuring continuity in the massive levy and collection processes that take place within a solid, stable environment, efforts are also being made to modernize the IV landscape. This is partly done internally by making use of the expertise that is available internally, but also by attracting (ready-made) solutions and expertise from the market.

Training, Certificates, Knowledge Level

- T-map next foundation required or similar

Professional Knowledge Areas

- Test organization and implementation
Working and thinking level

- Senior tester with experience in test automation / 2 years of experience

- Knowledge and experience with setting up a test strategy and approach / 2 years of experience

- Knowledge and experience with Agile / SCRUM / 2 years experience


We are looking for someone who is easy to take the initiative, who is proactive, collaborative, flexible, analytical, contact-oriented, diplomatic, critical and communicative. Someone without '9 to 5 mentality'.
Additional knowledge

- Knowledge of #SQL, #TMAP Next Advanced, #GIT, #JIRA, container technology and performance testing is an advantage.

- Knowledge of Robot Framework is an absolute plus.

- In addition to excellent knowledge of functional testing, knowledge of and experience with performance and security tests is desirable.

- Knowledge of or experience with MQ, DB2, Atlassian suite (Jira, Bitbucket, Confluence), Quadient Inspire.

- Experience with testing on Java platform.

- Experience with testing on Mainframe platform (CCD technique) and Openshift is an advantage.

- Robot Framework, jMeter, etc.