General Practitioner, Sweden

General Practitioner, Sweden

  • Medicină umană
  • Toată țara, SE

Description of the current clinic/health centre
The primary care administration is responsible for basic health care in the field of general medicine for all age groups. The health centre must provide care as needed in the form of investigations, diagnostics, treatment, nursing, counselling, and follow-up. The health centre must work preventively in accordance with the National Board of Health and Welfare's guidelines for disease prevention methods. Primary care is person-centred and should strengthen the patient's ability to maintain, promote or improve their health.

Specialist in Family Medicine / GP
Experience 1-5 years as a specialist doctor in general medicine.

Terms of employment:
Employment 1-6 months: SEK 60,000/month. Employment 7-12 months: SEK 75,000/month thereafter individual salary setting as a district/specialist doctor.

Work at our on-duty centres could be included in the job.

To Apply:
Please send your CV mentioning reference SW-115 at
Tel.: +44 20 8144 2822
Contact person: Vitaly Pryadka
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Toată țara, SE

Aptitudini / abilităţi

  • Family Medicine

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