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For several client for an international transport companies we are looking for a truck drivers C+E

river profile
Delivering goods in Benelux (Belgium, Luxembourg and Holland). General goods on pallets.
Minimum 2 years experience
Have a valid driver card and valid code 95 = pregatirea profesionala
Drivers licence C+E
Loading normaly not. Unloading yes, using transpallet
Willing sometimes to sleep in the truck
A bonus of 1.14 euro/hour for sleeping in the truck +37.33 Euro for the night for some clients.
Gross salary is 11.85 euro/hour
If you know how to operate a "kooiaap" = stivuitor portabil you get 1 euro extra per hour.
We will assign a client to you after the interview with whatsap/mobile phone or skype.
The clients all have steady businesses and the pay correctly as they are Belgian.
If you want you can bring your family to Belgium in a later stage as these jobs are for many years and stable.
When to go home to the family and the working regime is to be discussed directly with the clients.
The clients guarantees 5 days of work per week​
As you will mainly work during the day time you wil have a social life.
The clients offers housing at 80 euro/week if you need a place to stay
 In this price is included
Gas , water and electricity
Waste disposal
A standard room with two beds in a house or an apartment
You have to share the room with a roommate Romanian or Polish nationality
City taxes
Fire insurance
The client offers some important relocation services once that you are in Belgium
You will enter in teh belgian social and benefit system as you have a Belgian labour contract
You get paid every week at the end of the week for the week that has passed
Legal salary according to the sector and Belgian legislation (in conformity with  collective labour agreements on national and derived CAO ‘s on sectorial levels in Belgium) CAO = collective labour agreement
The accommodations is maximum 20-25 km from the working place and most of the time closer then that radius
Extra hours are paid or recovered as provided by Belgian law – at the intake interview the client will inform you about this item.
Onboarding by a delegate of the client
When you arrive in the weekend you will have a definitive or temporary place to sleep
The first working day a delegate of the client  will do the administrative formalities at the office of the client, introduce you to the workplace and bring you to the place where you will stay permanently
Assistance with the Inscription at city hall
Assistance to open a banking account in Belgium in order to receive your salary
Assistance in order to subscribe to the social security system in Belgium
Assistance in opening health insurance     
If you do not have a car a bike is provided by the client or you can use public transport
In some case there is a car available for car-pooling with co – workers (depends on the location and the availability of company cars at the give moment) against a small fee 7.5 euro per day.