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1 DevOps & 1 Python dev

1 DevOps & 1 Python dev

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IT Software
Stuttgart, Toată țara, DE

The client has built an Internal Service which he is providing to Development Teams (for different kinds of Apps or IOT Services)

‒ Build Infrastructure as a service
‒ Customer internal name for the service regarding the dynamic software build infrastructure
‒ fast provisioning of project-specific build machines
‒ in a highly scalable environment
‒ with maximum reliable build results
More technical
‒ A way to scale software builds with non-containerizable tools
‒ Each customer maintains only one template VM instead of many compute nodes (e.g. desktop PCs)
‒ For each software build a Clone of the template VM is started and gets deleted afterwards

One BIaaS instance is composed of
‒ 34x HPE DL360 servers (2x20 cores, 768GB memory and 4x 10GbE network uplink [2x storage, 2x data])
‒ 4 node NetApp AFF 800 (72x 3,8TB SSD, 4x 10GbE network uplink)
‒ 4x 48 Port 10GbE network switch (+ uplink to Customer network)
Current number of instances
‒ 2 productive instances
‒ Hardware for 2 additional instances is ordered
Planning of further instances
‒ Current plan is to build up at least 4 more instances in 2020

Internal customers can purchase BIaaS bundles
‒ A BIaaS bundle is a resource definition
∙ Guaranteed resources: 8 cores and 64 GB memory
∙ At most utilizable resources (depending on availability): 32 cores 256 GB memory
∙ the resources of each instance is shared between its customers
‒ Per instance a customer can get environments with 1-40 bundles
‒ Each customer gets one template VM per environment
∙ Official CUSTOMER Windows 10 (or official CUSTOMER Ubuntu Desktop)
∙ Accessible with RDP

• Ubuntu
• QEMU, LibVirt, Virt-IO / Guest-Components
• Docker Swarm / Kubernetes, Traefik
• Django, Celery
• PostgreSQL
• Redis
• #NetApp RestAPI, NFS
• Open-vSwitch, DNS-based router with firewall, currently VyOS
Project Duration with Intetics Team
Approximately 3 years