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Job Purpose
To effectively manage clients and partners (internal and external) enquiries, complaints and issues, ensure to keep all the time customer satisfaction at the core of every decision and behaviour.

Interact with customers by phone and email to provide and process information in response to their requests and concerns about our products and services.
Key Responsibilities

Build customer relationship by listening actively, question appropriately and by providing update and feedback.
Adapt to and handle changing situations and environments.
Resolve conflicting situations by using effective interpersonal skills.
Resolve problems by clarifying issues, researching and exploring answers and alternative solutions, implementing solutions and escalating unresolved problems.
Maintain calm and the appropriate mental state in case situations and emotions escalate to a higher level – manage stress.
Manage multiple priorities and assignments (tasks) simultaneously (e.g. Receiving client information over the phone while inputting or searching data on the system).
Use effectively the available time and resources to address and finalize the tasks and customer / partner request, issues and enquiries – time management.
Acknowledge all enquires and requests received within specified service standard requirements.
Negotiate effectively.
Organize information and data. Ability to assemble and maintain data in a logical file system that can be accessed by you or others at any given time.
Input data into systems and documentation.
Keep clear evidence of losses occurred due to internal reasons and report to management
Offer support and guidance to co-workers.
Be able to work effectively with others and contribute to team task accomplishments.
Ability to solve problems. Identify root causes by asking the appropriate questions and apply intervention to address them.
Undertake other tasks and projects as and when required.
Supervise and manage the task distribution as and when required.
Key measures

Trays are checked each day to ensure that active work has been actioned according to the specified service standards.
Monthly scorecards, performance metrics and objectives are set aligned with the business need and requirements.
All enquiries and requests are acknowledged within 2 hours of receipt.
2 hours problem solving in case of “on the spot” situations that involve relocations
Customers and Suppliers are updated on a daily basis as to the status of their enquiry or booking.
A substantive response communicated to the agent within 24 hours of their original request.
An average of 70 – 85 (can be higher) contacts to be handled on a daily bases.
Customer feedback.
Quality of response to enquiries and bookings - consistently demonstrating a “Here to Help” attitude through the quality of conversations with customers
Monthly 121 meetings with the line manager to assess the individual performance and identify areas for improvement and developmental needs. Provide and receive feedback against the agreed objectives.
End and mid-year appraisal. A process by which a manager or consultant examines and evaluates an employee's work behaviour by comparing it with preset standards, documents the results of the comparison, and uses the results to provide feedback to the employee.
Level of financial responsibility
You will have financial authority (up to agreed limits) for decision making in relation to booking rates and agent mark-up rates.
Person Specification