Senior Platform Engineer

Senior Platform Engineer

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You think production first - our platform is the backbone of SuperAwesome business and you default to preserving its stability, scalability and security at all costs.
You treat every change as mission critical.
You believe that platform IS a product - and you approach your development by prioritising the most impactful work: work that can multiply the effectiveness of other engineers.
You are obsessed with metrics - you believe that impact should be quantified and measured, and you take pride for every single inch of impact you and your team delivered
You are an excellent communicator - the Platform supports a large number of internal and external stakeholders and you understand that timely, efficient communication is essential in nurturing relationships with both your stakeholders and your team
You are a master in cloud native architectures - you live and breathe cloud native technologies, and you’re deeply familiar with the stack you work with
In SuperAwesome, Platform engineers' primary function is to accelerate software development by building reliable, secure, and scalable infrastructure. Key parts of this role are to take part in the design and development process and help to make the right trade-offs between performance, cost, security and reliability, as well as to be a reliable escalation point supporting the system in production.

Ensure long-term scalability and maintainability of the wider SuperAwesome Platform.
Mentor other software engineers on best practices for infrastructure management.
Drive complex infrastructure changes with a fantastic level of transparency and communication, with zero down-time.
Design and implement self-healing, reliable and scalable infrastructure in a cloud-native environment.
Proactively aim to lower the overall infrastructure cost
Guide and unblock developers across multiple teams and get the right stuff done to push their product forward.
Define SLOs and error quotas for services destined to run in production.
Support and be a critical part of our dev-ops culture, including participation in our out-of-hours on-call rota.
Recruitment Process
Initial screen - 30 minutes;
Technical screen (video call with Engineering manager) - 45 minutes, 12-15 quick question (different for each position), to understand what the shape of technical knowledge of a candidate is;
Code test (completed at home and typically takes 1.5 to 2 hours, with no strict time limit), the scope is different for each role;
Systems design interview + cultural fit interview – 1 hour.
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