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Internship&Trainee Marathon

Internship&Trainee Marathon is the largest national project designed to promote internship&trainee programs to students and fresh graduates from major Romanian universities. During 32 weeks (from February to May and September to December) we will support a marathon of more than 1200 internship&trainee programs.

Over 80% of students from Romania have visited our project section on on the first edition, from February to December 2018.

This project is a solution for recruiting and hiring efforts and also a great way to support your company brand among present and next generation of students and graduates. It is your chance to be involved in their education!

Join us for the second edition of Internship&Trainee Marathon from February to May and from September to December 2019
We'd love to hear from you!

Contact information
6, Pitar Mos, 2nd Floor,
1st District, Bucharest